Friday, August 5, 2011

faith is the currency of the kingdom.. how cheap are you

in warfare the enemy comes in what you see but God is in what you don't see

You see a bunch of people seeking your life, you don't see angels standing guard around you

You see a doctors report saying cancer you don't see a scripture that says by his stripes we are healed

You see a birthday cake that says you are one more year past that age when everybody is married you don't see a promise from heaven that says if you delight yourself in him he will give you the desires of your heart

You see yourself as lonely after a divorce but you don't see you have a God who said he would never leave you or forsake you

You have to make a choice do you believe what you see or do you believe God?

If you want to overcome you got to have faith enough to see whats not there and call it into being


  1. If you could see it, you would not need faith

  2. When the enemies make the worst threat they can muster and you ignore it because you trust God. You have moved to a new level of faith.
    They may have fake charges .. or whatever ... but I just trust God and i know whatever comes for the rest of my life God will be with me.

    I don't believe God brought me this far to leave me...

    I know that Heaven is watching me and i can live with that....